Saturday, 26 May 2012

If youse thought FIFA 12 was glitchy...

...You've seen nothing yet, few of you would probably know there exists another FIFA franchise exclusive to the PC, called "FIFA Manager", I downloaded the demo for the 2012 edition, and it's a really good game, but the 3D match parts, the new feature to 2012, is, I kid you not, even glitchier than FIFA 12!

Although in it's defence, it's supposedly the first game to have this feature, and it is the demo, so I'll give it some slack, but unlike even the first 3D FIFAs, there's not one match I've been through where a glitch doesn't occur.

Ready for a glitch-fest showcase? No? Well, tough! I'm showing youse anyway!:

Aside from this, it's still a very good game, I ordered the full game off Amazon, I hope this glitch won't be in the full version...

What's odd, but in my opinion, Awesome, is that to download the game off Origin, it's going to cost you £35, yet to get the physical version off Amazon, it's only £15 with free delivery!

Good on youse EA! Fighting the digital download invasion!


  1. I thought everybody knew about "Fifa Manager", noobs being an exception...

    1. I can't imagine many non-PC gamer would've heard of it, because it's exclusive to PC, and most people who play FIFA are PS3 or Xbox 360 gamers.