Saturday, 12 May 2012

Retro Arrivals - Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase [PS1]

I've noticed that almost none of my recent "Retro" Pick-Ups, are never about old games, in face they're usually about games I pre-ordered that didn't even come out at the time, so they're literally the complete opposite.

I thought this time, I'd actually do one on a Retro game, as I just got one today, I've been wanting the game for literally years, it was my 2nd PS1 game ever (The first being Harry Potter and the philosophers stone), and I've been feeling very nostalgic for it, as bad as it may sound looking back at it.

The game of course is Scooby Doo and the Cyber chase, I remember loving the game so much, I got the movie on VHS shortly after (Yeah, that's how long it was ago!) and realised they're almost nothing alike! It game seemed more than anything an opportunity for THQ to get a quick buck, but I still enjoyed it.

I first tried to get my hands on this game again 2 years ago, along with a bunch of other games for my birthday, but sadly, that was the only thing that arrived, I got a refund though, of 1p!

I tried again on Wednesday along with Left 4 Dead and it's Strategy guide. and funnily enough, this time, was the only thing to arrive, the other items were out of stock before they could dispatch them, seriously sellers, if your items out of stock, don't sell it, simple as that, I'm sick of being told my item's not available a day or so after I order it!

Anyway, here are photo's I've taken of the game:

Now if you'll excuse me... I'll be having my lunch!

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