Friday, 4 May 2012

"Retro" Arrivals - FIFA 12 - UEFA EURO 2012 [PC]

Something arrived today in the mail, you wouldn't believe what it is! Which is partially why I put it in the title!

Euro 2012 is an Expansion/DLC for FIFA 12, which adds a new kind of career mode and new HUD, teams, players, etc., I saw the trailer for it, and I remember thinking that I might get it, then I learned that you for the PC version, you can get the download code in a case, in other words, you can actually own the DLC! That sealed the deal!

You see, I hate downloading stuff, it just doesn't feel right, you don't get the excitement of going to a game store buying, drooling at the screenshots and description at the back of a case during a long trip home and finally putting the CD/Cartridge into your console/PC and finally playing it, or ordering it online and waiting eagerly for it to arrive, get thrilled once it does arrive! With Digital Downloads, that feeling's gone, I'm fine with downloading trailers, demos, and even DLC if I really want to, but full games? It just feels wrong, you know what I mean?

Not to mention, you can't put downloaded games on a shelf, can you? Most likely as well, your shelf can hold more physical games, than your hard drive could store downloaded games, like me probably, even though I have a big hard drive (2TB).

Now, can someone answer me this, on the PC, why is it that EA, a bunch of cheapskates, are putting their DLC in physical form, but Sega, a "real" games company, aren't even doing it with their full games!?

Anyway, I'm trailing away from the point here, I'm very thrilled that EA have done this, this will fit snug along with FIFA 12 on my shelf, and also, I can show you photos!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm itching to open up this to see what's inside...


I have to post this, I just opened up the case, and my initial reaction was a laugh, I expected a case with the CD holder taken out, but just with a code inside it, in a piece or paper, or even on the other side of the label, as a see through case, or even replacing the CD holder with a card holder and the code will be on the card, similar to how you can get Microsoft Points like that.

I've never expected it to be in CD form, as the case says "Download Code", we never got a CD but...

Wow... I expected EA to at least take out the holder to save money, but nope, they were too lazy to even do that, not that I'm complaining, now I have a spare Disc holder but still, damn...

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